Wonderful Indonesia and it’s exquisite cuisine

17 septembre 2017

It was about time to share with you my incredible experience in Indonesia this summer right?!

This summer was pretty intense for me. I first got to spend time in one of my fav place in this world, Ubud in Bali. I was then extremely lucky to be invited by the Wonderful Indonesia team to discover what this incredible country has to offer in terms of Gastronomy. This trip was also designed to give us the opportunity to experience the fascinating beauty and diversity of the country. Well… let me tell you that this country has a lot to offer !

I’ve never imagined that the Indonesian Gastronomy was so rich and so diverse. Indonesia has around 5,350 traditional recipes! We did not try it all but those of you who have been watching my stories know that we’ve been eating A LOT during those 10 days … like … A LOT! From rendang, to nasi goreng/campur/padang/gudeg, to our beloved martabak and much more , we had an incredible culinary experience while there and I’m excited to share with you my fav food spots!

We got to explore 4 parts of the country: Jakarta, West Sumatra ( Bukittingi ) , Yogyakarta and Bali.  I was already in love with Indonesia after exploring Bali and Lombok but that trip made me love that country even more! One of my favorite thing on top of the incredible landscapes and the exquisite cuisine ? The people! I’ve been traveling a lot and I can say that Indonesian people are some of my fav people on Earth! They are so kind and friendly! Crazy how writing about this country right now makes me want to go back asap!

One of the best part of the trip was also the team itself.  We were such a wonderful team! From the tourism board people to my fellow instagramers …What a team!!!! I miss them so so much! It was so much fun and I will never ever forget this incredible experience. A huge thanx to the Wonderful Indonesia team for making this experience happen!

You’ll find my recommendations at the end of the article ♥



As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has a lot to offer, from the various mouth watering street food to the luxurious fine dining. Located on the northwest coast of Java, Jakarta is the center of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia.

Places I recomend:




Padang was my fav part of the trip. It is the capital of West Sumatra. Padang’s regional food is the most globally famous of indonesian culinary offerings, which makes a perfect reason to visit the home of padang cuisine.

Places I recommend:

  • Sate Mak Syukur
  • RM Gumarang : This place was very interesting ! Make sure to stop there if you have a sweat tooth as they offer some authentic local dessert! My favorites ? Pocket Ketan ( avocado sticky rice ) and katan sarkayo (sticky rice with egg and coconut milk custard). My least favorite the one I hated ?!  Ampiang dadiah (buffalo fermented milk with sticky rice and palm sugar syrup)!
  • Martabak Bandung:  favorite Martabak place ever/ right across the street from RM Gumarang . This was my first time trying martabak and it was love at first sight!!! Martabak is basically a super fluffy pancake filled with A TON OF BUTTER and condensed milk. You can order it with a bunch of different fillings including chocolate, cheese, fruit, nutella, and more, and more, and more! The one I first tried was filled with corn, cheese and banana! This stuff is so delicious!! But watch out!! It’s incredibly addictive!
  • RM Family Benteng : local restaurant serving Nasi Padang 
  • Uni Emithis one will have a blog post for itself as this was my fav experience ever!




Yogyakarta ( or Jogja ) is the second most visited destination in Indonesia after Bali. It is a cultural hub known for it’s traditional craft and perfoming arts. I was actually very frustrated not to be able to spend more time there as it seems that this city has so much to offer. I got very surprised by all the cool places we discovered there!

Places I recommend:

  •  Martabak Kota Baru: second best Martabak we had on the trip 
  • Gudeg Yu Djum: When in Jogja you have to try Gudeg as it’s a traditional Javanese jackfruit curry dish mainly found in there and Central Java.
  • Sasanti Restaurant: Food was absolutely delicious there! A place you don’t want to miss while in Jogja!
  • Royal Ambarrukmo: Royal Tea ceremony or Patehan is a Kraton Tradition in which the Sultan of Yogyakarta takes a special kind of tea. We had the chance to experience this ceremony! We also had an archery lesson which I really enjoyed! I nailed it ( must have been an archer in an other life ahah )
  • Lulu Lutfi Labibi: That stunning striped outfit I’m wearing on the photo ? That’s where I got it from! Lulu is a talented local designer based in Jogja. You can see more of it’s work on Instagram.
  • Yats Colony coolest and super instagramable  boutique hotel in town.
  • Greenhost Hotel : eco friendly hotel with a very lush, green and impressive entrance!




No need to introduce this one I guess ahah! Bali is definitely the most visited Island in Indonesia! It’s also, as mentioned at the beginning of this post,  one of my fav place on Earth! I’ve been going to Bali since 2011 et I’m never get tired of this incredible Island.

Places I recommend:

  • Seniman Coffee : great coffee , yummy and healthy acai bowls, avocado toasts!
  • Pison Coffeegreat brunch/breakfast.
  • Monsieur Spoon: French breakfast Alert! You got to try those croissants and pastries to believe it! And I’m French, so when it comes to croissants you can trust me! Make sure to also try the Avocado toast as it’s the best I ever had!
  • Hujan Local: probably one of my fav restaurant in Ubud. You gotta love spicy food though as it’s suuuuper spicy!
  • Warung Sopa : one of my fav vegetarian food places in Ubud!
  • Blanco by Mandif : fine dining in Ubud known for its modern interpretation of Indonesian cuisine.
  • Locavore  & Nusantara by Locavore We first had a cooking class at Nusantara, which just opened up recently in Ubud. We learned how to do sambal ( one of my fav thing ever, especially the sambal matah you find in Bali ) and coconut milk! We then had lunch at Locavore which has been recognized as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants ( no. 22. ). Locavore uses sustainable locally sourced ingredients. We had an amazing 7 courses lunch ( not to mention the incredible amuse-bouches + petits fours ) and I can surely say thats this place is now on top of my fav restaurant list in Bali. Make sure to try the tomato consommé with a freshly sliced tomato and tomato sorbet as it’s to die for! This place is definitely a must do if you’re in Ubud!


Stay tuned for part two where I’ll be sharing one of my fav experience, a cooking class with locals and Uni Emi in Padang!

Sending you lots of Love from France

Sincerely yours ♥



First photo by the talented Kurt Dacheng / Other photos of me by the talented Jelito De Leon.


20 juin 2017

I’m really excited to share with you the project I’ve been working on with Jonak for the past six months . I chose eight pairs of shoes, travelled with them around the globe, and shot them in eight different countries. I selected the name of each pair based on the the country where I took the pictures.  The following photo series were created especially for an exhibit in a Parisian gallery. The prints can now be purchased here. All proceeds will go to the  » Association des Lauréates de la Fondation ELLE  » 💛


The Granada, Granada, Nicaragua.


The Dolce, Tellaro, Italy 


The Agios, Agios Nikolaos, Crete


The Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York


The Gordes, Provence, France


The Junie, Tortuguero, Costa Rica


The Maurice, Belle Mare, Mauritius Island


The Skye, Isle of Skye, Scotland

So which one is your favorite series ??? Hope you enjoyed this little around the world trip:)

To celebrate this collaboration I’d also love to make one of you super happy by giving away those 8 pairs of shoes ( yesss the 8 of them ). To enter the Give away make sure to check  my Instagram account :)

Sincerely yours ♥


Stay hydrated with CLINIQUE.

13 juin 2017

Il y a quelques mois je vous parlais  de mon coup de coeur pour le gel crème désaltérant de la gamme Moisture Surge de chez CLINIQUE ( celui que j’applique sur une peau démaquillée avant chaque vols ). Eh bien CLINIQUE a fait encore plus fort avec son petit dernier: l’Hydratant concentré super-activé 😃 !!!

Je ne vous apprends rien, je voyage énormément et je prends beaucoup l’avion. J’ai commencé à prendre soin de ma peau il y a un peu plus d’un an. Avant ça, je me contentais d’une simple crème de jour comme routine soin, et malheureusement, les effets néfastes de tous ces vols en avion ( il faut savoir qu’en 7h d’avion nous perdons 0.5l d’eau ), de la fatigue et des agressions environnementales commencent à se faire voir sur mon visage 😩 J’essai donc de rattraper le temps perdu en hydratant ma peau au maximum, et ce, même en voyage lorsque mon hygiène de vie laisse à desirer. J’en ai donc rêvé et CLINIQUE l’a fait…un gel qui apporte une augmentation de l’hydratation immédiate de +179% ( il ne rehydrate donc pas seulement votre peau mais la « super hydrate » héhé )! 24 heures après, la peau conserve 65% du boost d’hydratation! Ce gel hydratant concentré augmente les réserves en eau de la peau immédiatement et durablement pour combattre la sécheresse et les agressions environnementales… ou exactement tout ce dont j’ai besoin là tout de suite avec mon emploi du temps de globe-trotteuse. Le petit plus… sa texture gel hyper agréable et…. sa couleur ( si vous me suivez sur Instagram story  vous savez que j’ai vraiment un truc avec le pale pink en ce moment ahah ).

Pour que vous puissiez tester le produit et vous en faire une petite idée par vous même, CLINIQUE vous offre 20% de réduction dès 15 euros d’achat sur l’e-shop avec le code promo « LILYROSE«  💙

J’ai shooté cet editorial pour CLINIQUE, à l’occasion de la sortie de l’Hydratant concentré super-activé lors de mon dernier voyage dans la péninsule d’ Istrie en Croatie. J’espère que les photos vous plairont 😃.

Je vous embrasse et vous dis à très vite,

Lots of Love ♥


Photos 1, 11 and 22 Fedja Salihbasic. Photos 4 & 9: shoot assistant Jimena Sanchez.


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