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13 juin 2017

Il y a quelques mois je vous parlais  de mon coup de coeur pour le gel crème désaltérant de la gamme Moisture Surge de chez CLINIQUE ( celui que j’applique sur une peau démaquillée avant chaque vols ). Eh bien CLINIQUE a fait encore plus fort avec son petit dernier: l’Hydratant concentré super-activé 😃 !!!

Je ne vous apprends rien, je voyage énormément et je prends beaucoup l’avion. J’ai commencé à prendre soin de ma peau il y a un peu plus d’un an. Avant ça, je me contentais d’une simple crème de jour comme routine soin, et malheureusement, les effets néfastes de tous ces vols en avion ( il faut savoir qu’en 7h d’avion nous perdons 0.5l d’eau ), de la fatigue et des agressions environnementales commencent à se faire voir sur mon visage 😩 J’essai donc de rattraper le temps perdu en hydratant ma peau au maximum, et ce, même en voyage lorsque mon hygiène de vie laisse à desirer. J’en ai donc rêvé et CLINIQUE l’a fait…un gel qui apporte une augmentation de l’hydratation immédiate de +179% ( il ne rehydrate donc pas seulement votre peau mais la “super hydrate” héhé )! 24 heures après, la peau conserve 65% du boost d’hydratation! Ce gel hydratant concentré augmente les réserves en eau de la peau immédiatement et durablement pour combattre la sécheresse et les agressions environnementales… ou exactement tout ce dont j’ai besoin là tout de suite avec mon emploi du temps de globe-trotteuse. Le petit plus… sa texture gel hyper agréable et…. sa couleur ( si vous me suivez sur Instagram story  vous savez que j’ai vraiment un truc avec le pale pink en ce moment ahah ).

Pour que vous puissiez tester le produit et vous en faire une petite idée par vous même, CLINIQUE vous offre 20% de réduction dès 15 euros d’achat sur l’e-shop avec le code promo LILYROSE 💙

J’ai shooté cet editorial pour CLINIQUE, à l’occasion de la sortie de l’Hydratant concentré super-activé lors de mon dernier voyage dans la péninsule d’ Istrie en Croatie. J’espère que les photos vous plairont 😃.

Je vous embrasse et vous dis à très vite,

Lots of Love ♥


Photos 1, 11 and 22 Fedja Salihbasic. Photos 4 & 9: shoot assistant Jimena Sanchez.


A magical escapade in Provence, chasing the Golden Hour with L’Occitane

17 mai 2017

Last week I got the chance to live an incredible and unforgettable experience in Provence with L’Occitane for the launch of their new fragrance Terre De Lumière. Those of you who have been following those 3 fantastic days on my Instagram story know that I’m not exaggerating at all. It was truly incrediiiiible! My eyes are still full of stars just by thinking of it.

Those three days took place at La Bastide de Marie, with the wonderful L’ Occitane team and a perfect team of talented and inspiring women ( Nataly, LeonieLuisa and Nichole ).

First of all you got to know that my mum loves the L’Occitane products, which means I got to grow up surrounded by it in the bathroom, which also means that I love those products very much. You can imagine how excited I was when the brand reached out to me to ask if I would like to collaborate with them for the launch of the new fragrance, Terre de Lumière! I usually really really love the smell of their products so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed at all when discovering Terre de Lumière. Also being a photographer and knowing that this fragrance has been inspired by the Golden hour got me super excited. And guess what?! This is definitely my new fav fragrance ever! I wish I could share with you the smell right now. It’s such a gourmand smell. I’m absolutely in love with it.

Everything was beyond perfection during that trip, from the lovely hotel, to the exploration of  the charming Provencal streets and the incredible hot balloon ride over Provencal fields at sunrise.

I also felt very lucky to have been able to meet two of the Terre De Lumière perfumers, Nadège Le Garlantezec and Shyamala Maisondieu ( Calice Becker, being the third one but couldn’t join us ) and to learn how each one of them brought their own world and emotions within this fragrance. It makes me love it even more. Those women are real artists and true inspiration! We were lucky to enjoy a really exciting workshop with them, we smelled the individual components of the fragrance, exploring what emotions the different scents made us feel. I think that creating a fragrance is, in some way, like creating music. Smells, just like music have this huge power on your brain, the power to bring back memories and feelings and to transport you to that exact happy/sad moment at that exact time in that exact place, which is so fascinating.

I’m not really good at telling things ( I’m better at showing it ) and trust me, it’s not that easy to describe how magical those few days were, so here’s a serie of photos captured during this dreamy experience ♥

The final dinner took place under a ceiling of light, at the Mathieu Lustrerie Provence, with Olivier Baussan himself ( the L’Occitane founder, what an honor! ) . Having the chandeliers artificial light blend with the golden hour light coming through the window made this place even more magical. Definitely a once in a Lifetime experience ♥


The L’Occitane team surprised us with those prints taken by the talented Lucie Hugary the day before, when we were chasing the golden hour around Provence. How amazing is that?!!! That was the best surprise ever!

To celebrate the launch of the fragrance Terre de Lumière, you can use the code LILY at checkout from now on until the 31st of may to get fragrance as a gift ( travel format 5 ml ) if you spend 30 euros or more on a purchase. The code is available to French residents only.


A special thanks to L’Occitane en Provence for this magical experience I won’t forget anytime soon, to Olivier Baussan for his time and his kindness and to Lucie Hugary for those beautiful photos she took of me ♥

From France with love,

Lily ♥

Mauritius Island with Constance Hotels and Resorts

22 mars 2017

Last week I had the chance to fly to Mauritius with Constance Hotels and Resorts . We we’re not very lucky with the weather ( we had one sunny day out of the four we spent there) but it did not stop us to make the most out of this beautiful trip and to experience what Constance Belle Mare has to offer to the fullest! Also I think I put on at least one kg per day as the food was absolutely fantastic there ( make sure to try the sushis and the Pad Thai at the Indigo and to have diner at the Blue Penny Cellar restaurant )!

Thank you Constance for that beautiful experience we’re not ready to forget!

Sending you lots of love from rainy Strasbourg,

Sincerely yours,

Lily  ♥

( Photos of me by Marissa Cox.)

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